16 Sep 2014 The Cessna Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs) will be evaluated and incorporated into this maintenance schedule as required.


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SID #53-10-01 pressurized cabin structures For example, under the heading of Pressurized Cabin Structure, SID #53-10-01, an initial inspection is to be performed at 6,000 hours or 12 years. Note1 The SIDs requirements include, but are not limited to, Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP) tasks. Any required Non-Destructive Testing (Eddy Current/Magnetic Particle Inspection) as required for full SIDs compliance must also be performed. CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY MODEL 152 SERIES SERVICE MANUAL B. Section 2A-10-01, Inspection Time Limits. (1) This section lists, in chart format, all inspection requirements which must be performed.

Although the FAQ on CASA’s website says that compliance with the SIDs should cost about $20,000, Nick indicated that owners are finding that the actual cost of compliance is between $80,000 and $120,000 for Cessna singles, and close to $200,000 for Cessna twins. on 7 April 2014 to clarify the requirement to comply with Cessna SIDs. The AWB comprised Aviation Ruling 01/2014, which stated that compliance with the Cessna SIDs was mandatory, irrespective of the category of operation or the elected maintenance schedule for the aircraft, be it: Forums: Maintenance & Avionics - Cessna SIDs in Germany.

Requirements set forth in this document cover general areas of operation, maintenance, and servicing and do not supersede or replace the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICAs) provided by the aircraft manufacturer(s). Reference the applicable Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul Manual for detailed fuel system adjustment and maintenance

PDA. View Full Version : Cessna 100 series SID inspections. ron. 07-31-2012, 09:58 PM. I am amazed that there has no mention or reaction to cessna's new inspection requirements for the ageing cessna.I have just read through the initial requirements for the cessna 180/185 and it is somewhat horrific.Here in New Zealand they are following the Cessna had already been working on a new 400-series twin called the 431, a larger stablemate to the 421 Golden Eagle. The company changed course, and replaced the 431s enormous Continentals with a pair of Garrett TPE-331-8 turboshaft engines producing 636 HP apiece.

Cessna sids requirements

I require you to provide the documents that show the effect and basis for the SID's requirement, including the RIS [Regulatory Impact Statement] for: # Private aircraft in Australia in the implementation of SID's and: The documentary basis for the mandatory requirement in Australia compared to the US, when and where the SID's requirements for Australia are based on the FAA requirements. The

Cessna sids requirements

ICAs included in the Cessna 100/200 SIDs are ‘required’ to be incorporated into the approved aircraft maintenance programme.

Cessna owners are getting a safety dividend from the SIDS (supplemental inspection documents) inspections that are now mandatory on propeller-driven Cessna aircraft. CASA has received more than two dozen reports of serious problems discovered during SIDS inspections. Therefore, Cessna SIDs for 100/200 series are not mandatory inspections from a regulatory point of view, even though they may be designated "mandatory" by Cessna. 2.3 Compliance with SIDs for Cessna series aircraft is recommended in line with the principles set out in Commission Regulation (EC)2042/2003, Part M, M.A.302 and the related AMCs (in 2012-08-04 Experience with SIDS program on a 1946 Cessna 140. later SID requirements would become mandatory for an owner or operator who adopted the manufacturer's current recommended inspection program under§ 91.409(±)(3) after the SID had been incorporated into the inspection program-because that would be current when adopted. Cessna Model210 aircraft, however, unless operated under pati 135 and Note 1: While Requirement 1 excludes the carry -through and its attach fittings, we recommend replacement at the same time - or Cessna’s SID program, which has found cracks in the carry -through and its attach fittings on Cessna 402Cs, which a re similar.
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Cessna sids requirements

– 90 to 95% of inspected airplanes required maintenance action. Cessna has published SIDs for its 100/200/300 series aircraft. The SIDs are additional to requirements that the FAA has approved in the airworthiness limitations  22 Dec 2015 SIDs inspections were developed jointly by Cessna and the United States Federal Aviation Administration due to concerns relating to potential  1 May 2016 The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions - CESSNA SIDS - Sorry if I'm in the wrong place.. but I have an Aerobat C150 located in Australia  The extension applies to the Supplemental Inspection Document - or SIDs - requirements for Cessna 100 series aircraft used in private operations.

Visual inspection techniques are utilised to detect corrosion and cracks caused by metal fatigue. Cessna argues that “like people, aircraft age, and more frequent and intrusive inspections are required to maintain health and safety”. ICAs included in the Cessna 100/200 SIDs are ‘required’ to be incorporated into the approved aircraft maintenance programme. However, owners and operators should ‘take into account’ the SID to determine the need for revising their AMP. According to current Part M requirements, the maintenance The Twin Cessna owners are probably familiar with the idea of SIDs, but the single engine crowd has been spared the trouble…..
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With most Cessna aircraft now operating well beyond their original design life, Cessna published SID inspection requirements additional to the aircraft maintenance manual requirements. CAA rule 91.603 (a) (1) requires an operator to ensure an aircraft is maintained in an airworthy condition.

– Mandatory compliance. – 90 to 95% of inspected airplanes required maintenance action. Cessna has published SIDs for its 100/200/300 series aircraft.